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#1Herp Lobby Two Empty Herp Lobby Two on Thu 03 May 2012, 14:04


We had a great show last night. Terry was a great guest. I know some people have the questions about him. After the show I was pmed with concerns about the man. All I can say is that. I would 100 times more put my faith in what he says about the issues. Than Andrew Wyatt of USARK. He isn't battling the stuff going on on the federal level because he's busy with the attack of his hobby and business in his home state. I personal feel that it was a deliberate attempt to draw his attentions away from the federal level. Andrew doesn't want this stuff to go away. He's making a great living by having these bills continue to show up. Selling fear is a very profitable business and is making him rich. So why would he want this all to just stop? Anyone who continues to support Andrew in all this is no longer a part of the solution but a part of the problem. I know that comment cuts like a knife to some. But it's the way I feel and until we can get someone with some balls to take on this fight. We're gonna have to continue to deal with this shit. USARK intentionally dropped the ball on this and anyone who doesn't feel the same way. Well I feel sorry for you. Because you need to pull your head out of the sand and see the truth of things.( Notice I said sand and not out of your own ass) It's time to try and take this problem out of the hands of USARK and take on this fight a different way. Letter writing campaigns are not gonna work. We need to take legal action and deal with this. If we loose I'd rather know we lost fighting than writing.

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#2Herp Lobby Two Empty Re: Herp Lobby Two on Thu 03 May 2012, 23:16


Herp Lobby Two World_Animated_Ranks_Designer
i agree it was a great show well worth a listen Smile

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