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#1Show Tonight 8/13/2011 Empty Show Tonight 8/13/2011 on Sat 13 Aug 2011, 14:14


This conversation and the article posted. Are why I chose tto do the show on USARK. This all just proves. What I've said all along as right.

Copied from my FB Wall :

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Urban Jungles-Radio See if anything in this article gets your panties in a bunch. There's one sentence in particular that I think will set you off.​ews/2011-08-05/snakes-get-​lobbyists-too-as-breeders-​charm-congress-to-fight-u-​s-boa-ban.html

Snakes Get Lobbyists in Fight Over Boa Ban
Andrew Wyatt says he could have picked an easier job than defending slithering c...
See More
Wednesday at 8:55pm · Unlike · 1 person ·
Wes Harvey I'm so glad I'm not a USARK member.
Wednesday at 9:04pm · Like

Urban Jungles-Radio ‎..or paying towards an 80k salary?
Wednesday at 9:05pm · Like

Carla Combs neither of the links worked on this end
Wednesday at 9:32pm · Like
Wes Harvey Really Carla ? The article say that USARK pay Andrew $80,000 a year. It also says they have only paid out $10,000 for lobbiest. Not the many thousands that they claim they have paid. I told every body all a long they were a rip off.
Wednesday at 11:21pm · Like

Urban Jungles-Radio ‎80k a year is some serious change.

I know it's a tough job and all but I think most College professors & professional herpetologists as well as the majority of reptile dealers don't don't pull that much in annually. Just sayin'.
Wednesday at 11:23pm · Unlike · 2 people

Carla Combs thanks Wes I did a search for the title and found the page and read it.
Wednesday at 11:31pm · Unlike · 1 person
Wes Harvey Danny it's appauling if you ask me.
Wednesday at 11:31pm · Like

Urban Jungles-Radio I dunno, maybe that's the salary of the typical Washington lobbyist? I have to catch up with Andrew and speak with him about it sometime to learn more.
Wednesday at 11:34pm · Like

Urban Jungles-Radio Still, shit...80k?
Wednesday at 11:34pm · Like
Wes Harvey I guess his travel expenses are killer.
Wednesday at 11:35pm · Like

Carla Combs somebody must be doing something right anyway they still haven't pulled the plug on our hobby with the constrictor ban. Makes no sense anyway was originally supposed to be federal mandate now each state is having to introduce their own restrictions. I'm 63 perhaps by the time I die each state will have their guidelines in place along with their restrictions. ROFL

I've got a lot to talk about so we may be doing a couple of shows on this.

#2Show Tonight 8/13/2011 Empty Re: Show Tonight 8/13/2011 on Sat 13 Aug 2011, 14:59


Show Tonight 8/13/2011 World_Animated_Ranks_Designer
Holy shit 80k what bunch of ass holes i wish i could join you with this show but I been travelling by train for 5 hour and I'm fucked lol need to get my sleep tonight so I hope the show goes well Very Happy

#3Show Tonight 8/13/2011 Empty Re: Show Tonight 8/13/2011 on Sat 13 Aug 2011, 17:19


No problem I just feel like talking for a bit tonight about this in particular.

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