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#1Mission Statement Empty Mission Statement on Tue 14 Jun 2011, 10:24


Here at Redneck Herps. We want to provide. An atmosphere that makes everyone comfortable. So they can post and not worry if some asshole is judging them. You don't have to be rich and have fancy stuff here. Here we like the simple things in life. We don't normally start any shit. But We damn sure don't take any either. When someone messes with one of us. They mess with us all. Why because we are a family. We stick together. Through the good and the bad. We want people to know. That when you come here. You can be yourself. Don't worry about Stupid Questions. Because here the only stupid question is the one not asked. We try to show patients and understanding. We offer friendship as a main course. We are an outspoken group of people. When the chips are down we dig in and fight. We offer support. Even when it's not reptile relates. We all learn from one another and we try our best to take care of our own. It's really hard to understand how things are here. Until you join the site and enter into our group here. Once you start posting and interacting with the people here. The understanding starts to shine it's light. Because here it isn't just about one person. It's about a group of like minded people. Working together to make a better place in the Hobby of Keeping Reptiles and Exotics.

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savasruleRedneck Family Member
amen lol

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