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#1Ranking Titles Empty Ranking Titles on Mon 04 Apr 2011, 18:57


As some of you may have noticed there are Titles under your names. The site automatically adds them as your post count goes up. Here is the list.

Normal 0
Hick 50
Hillbilly 150
Good Ol' Boy 400
Mountain Man 600
Redneck 1000
Full Blown Redneck 1500
Superior Redneck Member 2000
Redneck's Closest Friends 2500
Redneck Family Member 3000

Now if any actively posting member wants their Rank Title Personalized. Please feel free to pm me or any of the Admins and one of us will fix it for you.

#2Ranking Titles Empty Re: Ranking Titles on Mon 04 Apr 2011, 19:02


Ranking Titles World_Animated_Ranks_Designer
I would like to add if your are a New member you will have the newbee avatar this will go once you hit 50 post's Very Happy

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