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Redneck Rules 1) When you join Please make an Introduction Post. ( All accounts that don't post an Intro upon joining the site. Will be deleted.) Let us know who you are and where you are from. We ask that you be truthful. Anyone found lying about who they are will be banned from joining the site. If you have to hide who you are. Then we don't need you here. We offer Classifieds and stuff and Scammers and Trolls are the only ones. Who hide who they're identity. 2) Please try to get a long with others.The members here are all friends and work together. We ask that you do the same. 3) Enjoy yourself while your here. If you have a web site feel free to post banners and links in your signatures and such. Only do this with your own site though. No links to other sites that aren't owned by you. You can post these links in threads but not in your signature. We do not try to compete with other forums for popularity. So If you own a forum and want to get the word out. Post your links in your signature. 4) At times little spats here and there pop up. Please don't be a Pussy and Cry like a bitch if this happens. It just makes us fuck with you that much more. We can be a rough and tumble bunch at times. It's all in fun and if you can't take shit like that. Then it's best you stay away. lol This is not the place for easily butthurt people. 5) If you do get mad at someone. No Death Threats or bringing family members into the fuss. What goes on here is between the people of this site. Not their family and friends. If you can't take what someone has to say. Then either put it back to them or Get out of Our site. We pride our selves on not starting shit, but we also don't take any shit either. So if you don't start any shit. There won't be any shit. 6) There is No Posting of Pornographic Material. We have a few teens here and their keyboards always get slippery when we post Porn. This causes there typing to suck and we need them typing and being productive. Not going blind beating their willies. 7)We do not censor words here. So if you cuss like a sailor and hate being censored. Well then this is the place for you. Cause I don't care what kind of language you use. Wes Harvey a.k.a Redneck and the The Redneck Herps Team


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